Shoulder Acne Treatments

By admin On August 8th, 2014

One of the most psychological and emotional pressures that sufferers from acne deal with is how to get rid of shoulder acne. This is something that you feel the need to always keep covered. Shoulder acne makes you feel much more self-conscious, angry, and embarrassed. If you suffer from severe shoulder acne that includes cysts and nodules, you may feel socially outcast and may even feel like you just want to withdraw completely and disappear from society completely.

Shoulder Acne Causes

There are many possible causes of shoulder acne, including:

Wearing clothes that are too tight or not taking time to shower after exercising. Sweat can accumulate under shoulder pads or bra straps. The oil will build up in the pores that are now clogged up from the sweat. Bacteria will thrive and blackheads and whiteheads will appear.

Bleaching clothes can actually cause shoulder acne to worsen.
If your skin is sensitive or you are allergic to certain shampoos or conditioners, they can trickle down to your shoulders and back while you are showering. If you don’t wipe and dry correctly, this can cause an allergic reaction and therefore breakouts of acne on the back and shoulder.

Antibiotics such as doxycycline and penicillin, and even co-trimoxazole can cause pimples and pustules to breakout- mostly on your shoulders.
Malassezia furfur, which is a form of yeast, could grow on your shoulders and cause acne breakouts.

Acne conglobata, which is a severe form of acne, can occur on the bodies and face. Typically, this occurs in men ages eighteen to thirty. With this form, large lesions will appear everywhere.

When you avoid those mentioned above, you are also avoiding irritation and even more breakouts. This may be the best acne treatment for your shoulder acne.

How Can You Get Rid of Shoulder Acne?

Wear cotton shirts that are loose and have loose collars.

Don’t add fabric softeners or bleach when you wash your clothes.

Switch your shampoos and conditioners until you find one that won’t cause an allergic reaction.

Don’t use any antibiotics- especially penicillin, if possible.

When you make these simple changes, your shoulder acne will begin to clear up.